Welcome to BB Vip Kids. Where I help Iranian parents to find variety of ways to engage their children in learning.
BB is inspired and has followed two main theories. First is Montessori which is a child centred educational approach that helps children learn naturally and second is multiple intelligences. We believe each child has her/his own unique talent that needs to be found and improve.
My name is Natasha BB, A woman born in England, from an English and Iranian parentage. Graduated in Art, Design and Architecture from Kingston university in London.
My passion for meaningful design and lack of early learning activities in our community made me creat BB.

BB is where children Play and Learn…

In BB I exclusively collect, make and gather natural and artificial products and materials to enhance playing. An open ended play based on an interesting theme is indeed the best way to invite children to the world of imagination. It’s there we can find what we’re looking to improve!

BB present two types of operation. First is our themed packages. Every package with a subject and teaching purposes would bring an opportunity for your child to engage in the subject and naturally pick up lessons. These packages includes everything you and your child needs to creat an imaginary world and Learn from it. These packages also has a short video to guide you though the Pronunciations. Second is our personalised program. Which is great for those who care above and beyond imagination. In this Vip program we get to know your child and her/his interest and will design a series of personalised learning packages , Each having 20 minutes virtual class.
Follow me as my social responsibility dedicates my time and energy to this little people as they deserve way more attention than they receive.